5 Kinds of Rugs for Busy Households

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Finding the perfect rug can be time-consuming. Given the endless choices of textures, colors and patterns, sorting through them to locate a good fit with your furniture and accessories may require some trial and error. Add to that the goal of finding a family-friendly rug, and you’ve got even more requirements to meet.

If your household is filled with kids, or just a lot of traffic in general, you likely want a rug that is durable and easy to clean, but still aesthetically pleasing. And you probably want something well-priced — because, let’s face it, if your rug will get a lot of wear and tear from little ones, a family-friendly rug may be a temporary choice. Read on for five types of rugs that can work well for families and busy households. Each offers a resilient option that can be found in a range of eye-pleasing styles.

These natural-fiber rugs are an obvious choice for a family home. Made of jute, sisal or sea grass, these durable rugs are typically well-priced, starting at $100 for the 5-by-8-foot size. More important, they are made to withstand heavy use. The strong fibers of these rugs allow you to blot liquid spills and even lightly clean stains with a bristle brush.

Cotton rugs are sometimes defined as a flat-weave, or categorized as dhurries or kilims. Many can be found at under $100 for a 5-by-8-foot size. Cleaning them is relatively easy; many cotton rugs are machine washable or at least can be spot-cleaned with soap.

Wool rugs are pretty much queen bee of the rug world because of their durability, softness and versatility. As such, they can be quite costly, starting in the several hundreds of dollars and running into the thousands.

If you’re willing to make the investment, though, your wool rug will most likely last you more than a decade; it isn’t just a temporary option. Synthetic rugs, by contrast, may last only two to three years with heavy wear.

indoor-outdoor rugs not only work great on a patio or in a sunroom, but they also can be a pleasing option for interior rooms that see a lot of wear and tear.

Carpet tiles have gained immense popularity as a flooring or area rug choice. They’re a resilient option because you can replace individual tiles that are worn or damaged. This is perfect for an unfortunate spill or an area damaged by heavy use.

Alix Flamm is an interior designer working in the Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Mission Viejo, Irvine, and Tustin area of Orange County, California.