Sink Into A Cozy Upstairs Lounge

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Faced with an empty nest, this couple wanted to feather it. They began with a second-floor sitting room that’s tucked among the bedrooms and a home office. Knowing that they wanted to turn it into a place where they’d want to cozy up and spend time playing games, reading and watching TV together, they needed to find a large sectional sofa to lounge upon, then added all the cozy touches they needed — a soft wool rug, a dash of plaid, good lighting for reading, cushy pillows, light color and soft throw blankets.

A large plaid ottoman can provide a cozy touch and can double as a coffee table when paired with a tray. Also adding an upstairs coffee bar in the hallway, so the couple can get perked up in the morning here before they even hit the stairs. A throw with a geometric print adds color, softness and a favorite wrap for chilly nights.

The sofa is a heavy piece, keep the side tables airy and simple but chose a size that stands up to the sectional’s scale. You can add mercury glass lamps for reading. The mottled, silvery glass adds another interesting texture to the room but continues the light feeling. With the cords tucked away, the lamps are no longer in danger of toppling and shattering if someone trips on a cord.

A new wool rug defines the seating area and adds more warmth underfoot. Books fill the shelves within reach, and favorite objects are displayed on higher shelves.

These are ways to warm up a room and make it more functional and cozy.

Alix Flamm is an interior designer working in the Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Mission Viejo, Irvine ,and Tustin areas of Orange County, California.