Ways to Make an Impact With Color in a Room

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Often, adding color is one of the things homeowners are most afraid to tackle in their space. After all, it can be easy to love a paint chip or fabric sample in a store only to realize it’s overwhelming or yawn-inducing when applied in real life. But color can be fun and easy to add in just the right dose if you know where to look — and how to get a little creative. Here’s how.

Want to add a bold color to your walls without creating an overwhelming look? There’s no rule that says you have to fill the entire room, or even the entire wall. Paint a wall with a door or window in it (which will break up the color a bit), or leave a panel of white in a funky geometric shape for a fun, contemporary effect.

In a bedroom, try painting a partial wall to create a headboard, or layer a wide stripe behind an actual headboard to add a greater sense of scale and drama.

If you have a bookcase or shelving unit with removable shelves, pull the shelves out, paint the back a fun hue and put the shelves back in after drying. This is especially easy with a unit from a big-box store that you assemble yourself, because you can paint the back piece before putting the unit together.

Replacing all your cabinet doors with brightly colored ones might be a bit of a risky choice (and a big investment), but you don’t really have to go all in to have a little fun. Try swapping just a few doors, such as on a tall cabinet, or just the uppers or lowers.

This is especially easy if you have modern, plain cabinets in a standard size, for which you can easily swap just the door fronts. You can leave the toe kicks and side panels untouched and it’ll still look cohesive.

Often, outdoor furniture is bright and colorful, ready for a garden party and compact in size to fit small decks and patios. This can make such furniture perfect for adding a color splash indoors because you get a saturated hue in a small dose, ready to stand in as a side table, nightstand or extra seat for squeezing in guests.

Alix Flamm is an interior designer working in Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Mission Viejo, Irvine, and Tustin area of Orange County, California.